The University of Melbourne

The Logroño Intermodal Station at the Melbourne Design Week Congress

Terraform One’s designs show the possibility of creating compact cricket shelters, offering a solution that vastly reduces the carbon footprint of protein-based food production.

Its novelty also helps to start a conversation on the significant consequences of our food choices and a possible transformation of our most long-standing cultural norms.

One million urban trees Read more Another project from Madrid architectsAbalos+Sentkiewicz envisions moving away from hermetically sealed climate-controlled buildings and creating ‘thermodynamic beauties’ . Through their work, the architects have developed an expertise in the formal, material and organisational aspects of a building which support a more thoughtful approach to the thermodynamic behaviour of a building. Their projects for the Logrono train station and Sorigue Foundation offer elegant and novel built forms, where the aesthetics of the projects are combined with a highly sophisticated understanding of achieving thermal comfort instead of the more conventional emphasis on visual attributes.